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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Today's Scripture: Apocrypha: 1992 Denver StarCon Q&A

As enjoyable as the Readings are, sometimes it's nice to check out some Apocrypha Scripture, that while not officially sanctioned scripture of The Saint Joel Hodgson Church of MST3K, are still entertaining and informative, and give us a look into the minds of the people who brought us these Scriptures. With that, we look at the 1992 Denver StarCon Q&A. (Thanks to my supplier in Michigan for the tape!)

Apocrypha Synopsis: In 1992, Saint Joel Hodgson, Trace Beaulieu, Kevin Murphy, and Jim Mallon headed to Denver StarCon for 2 Q&A sessions. My copy of this Aprocrypha scripture is of reduced quality due to its rarity, the picture jumps consistently and the sound comes in and out, but what is there is pure gold. Good Saint Joel, during the Sunday Q&A, even asks his followers if they had went to church that day! Other highlights include:

-the distribution of $1 bills to those with the best questions on Saturday.
-Saint Joel tells us WHY he hates Gallagher.
-When a woman complains that TVY doesn't carry MST3K, Saint Joel says "Of course they don't! That's a frozen yogurt chain, it'd be silly if they did!"
-Saint Joel reveales he watched a LOT of TV as a kid.
-Jim reveals some of his inluences: Monty Python, Firesign Theater, and Laugh-In(!)
-Kevin: "I used to draw a lot in my notebooks and get beat up!"
-Q: How can you stand watching these things over and over [while writing them]?
Saint Joel: It's our job!
-Saint Joel tells a kid "You're kinda a short man, aren't cha?"
-Trace reveals that Frank Conniff worked at Arby's before his indoctrination into the MST Universe. [Frank couldn't make it, but Trace lets us know he'll be in Chicago in November "Not showing up anywhere, he'll just be wandering around!]
-A guy tries to shout a question at Kevin, but Kevin makes him wait his turn!
-Saint Joel has some fun at his last name, as the StarCon programs mispell his name "Hodgeson". Saint Joel says he's more peeved when people call him "Yoel", and admits he'll often mispronounce his own name "Hodson". Kevin suggests "Hotcakes".

Consider This: Apocrypha Scriptures are fun, but are meant to enhance, not substitute, the Readings. Remember that.


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