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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Today's Reading: #501 - "Warrior of the Lost World"

Premiere Oration: The twentyfourth of July, nineteenhundredninetythree

Opening Prayer: Servo's dons a tux and prepares to give a formal welcome, but Oh, that wacky Crow! He steals bits of Servo's speech and keeps distracting Tom. Tom flips, and makes Crow literally eat his speech.

First Reading:
Invention exchange:
The Mads: The square master, an exerciser that harnesses the power of the square! Nice push-ups, Frank!
Saint Joel: Bittersweet hearts, with such sentiments as: "Still Mad" "You'll Do" "Bite Me" "My Needs" and "It's Blue"!

Second Reading: Hot slot bots! Crow's having a ball, but Servo's car just won't go. Servo's car suddenly starts, but he bails out on the jump. Too bad, he really wanted to go 400 square miles and hour!

Third Reading: Saint Joel is "The Paper Chase Guy", trying to get his driving permit in a post-apocalyptic world. Servo's your piano man and Dickey, Crow's the Mom, and Gypsy's wondering where Saint Joel's super-charged cycle is. It all just kinda stops, and in the theater, they all agree they should've wrote an ending.

Fourth Reading: Saint Joel and the Bots discuss what they'd do after the apocalypse. Featuring my favorite Saint Joel line EVER:

Saint Joel: I'd walk around totally naked, holding a "BIG GULP" Terminator 2 glass!
Crow: I could see ya doin' that!

Closing Prayer: Phone call from Megaweapon, a letter write had Hy-Vee make an MST-themed cake for his borther, Tom sings the address, and the Mads go square dancing.

Stinger: The Paper Chase Guy eyeballs Persis Khambatta.

Consider This: Another one of my favorite readings. A great movie for Saint Joel and the Bots, its got lots of cheezy action, special effects, and cornball dialog just ripe for riffing. This one also features the infamous movie sequence where Servo riffs on EVERY SINGLE PERSON sitting in the rafters. Rights issues will probably keep this one from ever getting a Rhino release, and that's a damn shame!


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