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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Today's Reading: #212 - "Godzilla vs Megalon"

Premiere Oration: The Nineteethn of January, Nineteenhundredninetyone

Opening Prayer: Saint Joel & the bots host a morning magazine show....NOT! (Saint Joel actually took some time out between the KTMA and Comedy Channel eras to co-host a mock-morning show called "Seriously Weird". Worth tracking down!)

First Reading: Invention exchange: Saint Joel and the Mads present easy-to-make Halloween costumes. Crow's the floor of a movie theater, Tom's a Missing Child, and Saint Joel is Jiffy-Pop Popcorn (Saint Joel showed us how to make these on "Seriously Weird", as well. For years, I remember seeing someone do those before, and now I remember where!) Dr F is a goalie on a foosball table, and TV's Frank is Geordi LaForge.

TV's Frank: Kids, don't forget to read "Godzilla vs. the Velveteen Rabbit"!

Second Reading: To distract Saint Joel from the fact they're looking at dirty pictures, Crow and Tom claim they're designing monsters. Tom's monster wins, but I've always liked that Crow's monster had an elf living in its head.

Third Reading: Saint Joel and the Bots present: "Rex Dart, Eskimo Spy." [A Quinn Martin Production?]

Fourth Reading: Orville Popcorn and Son are in a popcorn commercial that quickly delves into personal attacks and hurt feelings. Director Saint Joel reminds them its only 30 seconds long and they really should mention the product more.

Closing Prayer: Saint Joel gives Crow and Tom new arms, the Jet Jaguar fight song is translated, and Frank's pissed cuz the Goomba killed his Mario.

Recessional: Godzilla takes to the ocean like a teenager.

Consider This:
This was the first Scripture Reading I ever saw, and it remains one of my favorites. Great riffing, hilarious Readings, it imparted in my head "This is a show I'm going to like." And I still do.


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