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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Today's Reading: #810 - "The Giant Spider Invasion"

Premiere Oration: The Thirty-first of May, Nineteenhundredandninetyseven

Opening Prayer: Tom's a cheerleader! He wants an "S", but Mike and Crow only offer MRxL
Tom: "O the Sattelite of Love has got
Have you got as much (ugh-ugh-ugh-ugh!)
MRxL as us?
I Don't Think So!
We got the MRxL and you got none! (uh-huh-huh!)
We got the MRxL and you got none!

First Reading: On the Campiong Planet, Pearl and Brain Guy are gutting some fish. Meanwhile, Tom has a canoe on his head and keeps braining Mike and Crow ("Sister Canoe-Head" by The Frantics comes to mind) Pearl and Brain Guy share with the SOL "a kind of throw pillow that can be used as a zucchini".

Second Reading: Gypsy, possessed by the power of the zucchini throw pillows, tries to get Mike and the Bots to sleep, but Mike is suspicious.

Gypsy (singing a lullaby): May the avenging superconsciousness swallow you whole.
Mike: What kind of lullaby is this?
Tom: Maybe we forgot her birthday or something!

Third Reading: Mike and the bots try to stay awake to keep the zucchini throw pillows from stealing their souls. Mike and Tom stick with coffee, but Crow goes all out, with Mountain Dew, Surge, M&Ms, chocolate-covered coffee beans, NO-Doz, Vivarin, and a myriad of other stay-up aids. Back on the camping planet, Bobo refuses to see that there's trechary afoot.

Host segment 3: A Pod-Servo invades the ship, and has Mike and Co convinced, until he's asked about his underwear collection. Real Servo immediately sends the Pod running away screaming, as he lists his collection by size, style, and brand (no duplicates, I might add).

CLosing Prayer: After a pep talk by Mike, Bobo destroys the mother pod and saves the day. but since Pearl was under the pods' spell, she makes Mike and the Bots watch the movie AGAIN!

Recessional: White Trash Northern Wisconsinite gives us a raspberry.

Consider This: Bill Rebane gives us another bad film. But I must admit the fact that he's able to convince people again and again to give his money to make his movies in the middle of nowhere almost admirable. I said "almost", mind you!

[Note: Sorry about the LONG delay between updates! With no access to a computer, then access, but no way to access the site, stuff like this happens. I'll try my dangedest to get back to daily updates, but don't hold your breath.]


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