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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Today's Reading: K17- TIME OF THE APES

Premiere Oration: The Second of April, Nineteenhundredeightynine

Opening Prayer: The Mads try to reach Saint Joel, but can only find Servo and Crow.
Erhardt: Get the Boss!
Crow: You mean Bruce Springsteen?
Erhardt: No!
Crow: Boss Tweed?
Forrester: No!
Servo: Boss Hogg?
The Mads: NO!
Servo: Bossy the Cow? [Both Crow & Servo give very convincing Moooooooos.]
Forrester has had enough, and instructs Larry to send "them robo-twits" Time of the Apes.

The First Reading: All the bots look for Saint Joel, but find only his uniform, and excuses for corny jokes.
Crow: "What's a pod bay?"
Servo: "Oh, about 20 pounds!" [followed by "wah-wah-wah-waaah!" trumpet]
Saint Joel is floating naked in space!

The Second Reading: Crow and Servo debate about letting Saint Joel back in. They decide if they DO let Saint Joel back in, things are gonna change, and discuss what will. However, they're unable open the pod bay doors due to movie sign's interruption.

The Third Reading: Cambot tricks Crow into believing that Saint Joel is back on the ship, but it's just a ruse. Servo then shows how fantasy can appear to be reality. It's weird.

Closing Prayer: Saint Joel is floating naked in space, and Crow and Servo discuss their new lives without him.

Consider This:
This is the only MST3K Reading with no humans aboard the SOL. Saint Joel was out of town, so Servo and Crow witness the scripture without him. (See how Crow sits in Saint Joel's seat.)

[Note for future reference: According to the SubGenius bylaws, puppets and fantasy characters can NOT become saints, thus no matter how much we whine and beg, we can NOT have a Saint Crow or Saint Servo. Deal with it, pink boy!]


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