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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Today's Reading: K16 - City on Fire

Premiere Oration: The Nineteenth of March, Nineteenhundredeightynine

Opening Prayer: The Mads lose their funding, since they've been reclassified from "mad scientists" to "mildly peeved researchers."

First: Saint Joel into looks into trick telescope, giving him a black eye.
Servo: Hey, Joel! Did anyone ever tell you you look like Petey from "Our Gang"?

Second Reading: Saint Joel shows off his "Hell in a Hand Bag.", which became his invention exchange in Scripture #103 - "Mad Monster".

Third Reading: Saint Joel and the Bots perform their own military march. This is one of the most recognized readings to those unfamiliar with The oldest Testament, as it was on both the MST3K Scrapbook tape, and the Penn Jillette-hosted special "This is MST 3K."

Closing Prayer: Gypsy's been hard at work putting together the MST3K Fan Club Kit, which includes: the Satellite News (Formerly The Binding Polymer), A suitable-for-framing Fan Club Certificate (Gypsy: How come I'm not on it? Saint Joel: Because you drew it!), and a Fan Club Membership Card.

Consider this: It's hard to argue with people who find Josh Weinstein's Dr. Erhardt character "annoying", but it's harder to completely discount Josh's role as the voice of Servo. Many find his deep dynamic "mighty voice" and gift for improv easily on the same footing as Kevin's. This scripture features some of the finest Oldest Testament-era riffing, with a majority of the movie segments on their original pitch tape to The Comedy Channel coming from this scripture.


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