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Monday, January 10, 2005

Today's Reading - #705 Escape 2000 [a.k.a. Escape From the Bronx]

Premiere Oration: The Second of March, Nineteenhundredninetysix

Opening Prayer: Crow's charity auction. Only bid is 75 cents for a dollar.

First Reading: Crow starts a fire while burning an ant next to his oily rag collection. Dr. F. puts Pearl in a "home", in the middle of the lab.
Pearl: Clayton, Clayton! I'm hungry!
Dr. F.: I'm hungry! I'm tired! It never ends!

Second Reading: Crow tries bio-feedback, starting another fire. [The biofeedback prop in this reading was used as an electroshock therapy device in the Scripture Bulletin {promo} for this show.]

Third Reading: Men's night on the SOL. Steak, smokes, and cards abound.

Fourth Reading: Dr. F. introduces Timmy Bobby Rusty: unfortunately, TBR doesn't raise the ratings "one scintilla".

Closing Prayer: A helicopter air-drops Servo, "Toblerone" arrives at Deep 13 and releases Pearl from her shackles.

Recessional: "Toblerone": "PTOO!" "HA, HA, HA!"

Consider This: I want to thank my e-mail pal Brian Random for pointing out that "Toblerone" is NOT "Toblerone"'s real name. "Toblerone"'s real name?:
....wait for it...
Are you freaked out yet?
This was the 2nd to last scripture reading of the Comedy Central era, with Pearl's liberation the catharsis for the SOL's disconnection from earth's orbit.


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