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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Today's Reading: #604 - Zombie Nightmare

Premiere Oration: The Twentyfourth of November, Nineteenhundredninetyfour

Opening Prayer: Crow and Tom play Secret Service agents for Mike (Servo's head falls off yet again, and they keep the shot.)

First Reading: The Mads send a voodoo kit to Mike and the Bots. They decide to use voodoo for good, and give Jimmy Carter a hug and Cokie Roberts a VERY stimulating scalp massage. Then they make Dr. Forrester pee his pants.

Second Reading: Crow is reading & eating chocolates when Tom runs him down with the car he got from present time in Scripture #407 - The Killer Shrews!

Third Reading: Crow and Tom are enjoying a hot tub, when Crow feels a tickle.
Crow: Tom, stop that you nutty-nut-nut!
Turns out it's Mike spear fishing.

Fourth Reading: Tom and Mike are ready to perform Crow's "Batman" screenplay, but Crow forgot to tell them that he "dropped that stinkburger months ago!" Check out Mike's Robin costume with a Lone Ranger mask and kitchen gloves.

Closing Prayer: Letters fto Adam West:
Crow: I really like that thing you did that was good. It's kinda neat when I see you in stuff. Do you feel pretty crappy now that "Danger Theater" and "Last precinct" have been cancelled? I'm sending you all my allowance, please don't buy beer with it, ha-ha! Your pal, Crow.
Gypsy: I really liked you when you were a caped crusader,
Way more than even Darth Vader!
You once were the best,
But now you're like all the rest,
That's all, so see you later!
Meanwhile, Frank has turned Dr. F. into a zombie! At first he tries to reverse it, but then realizes it's a pretty good deal!

Recessional: Zombie slowly gets up, shakes off the cobwebs, then screams.

Consider This: This episode was kept off TV while it made the rounds at college campuses during the fall of '94 as part of Comedy Central's "Fresh Cheese" tour. It was finally shown on Turkey Day '94, hosted by Adam West. As a genre picture, Zombie Nightmare is really not that bad! It's got a kickin' soundtrack, some great plot twists, and Adam West does a respectable job. In the hands of other people, it could of been better, but in the hands of, say, Larry Buchanen (R.I.P.), it could of been much worse. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!


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