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Friday, January 14, 2005

Today's Reading: #307 - Daddy-O [with the epistle "Alphabet Antics"]

Peremiere Oration: The Twentieth of July, Nineteenhundredninetyone

Opening Prayer: It's another Monday morning at Sat'-O-love Industries. Saint Joel and the Bots hang around the water cooler ogling Gypsy AND Magic Voice.

First Reading:
Invention exchange:
The Mads: Alien teething nook [Trace had a heck of a time remembering the name of said prop, see MST POOPIE!]
Saint Joel: Air Freshener Mobile [Servo: WHAT THE HELL IS CHECHER?]

Second Reading:
Hymn: "The Pants Up Song!" (to the tune of "Rock Candy, Baby!)
Saint Joel: Hike up your pants till you see your shins,
Wear an Izod shirt like a 2nd skin,
Make sure you wear your belt buckle to the side,
Hike up your pants, take your butt cheeks for a ride!

Third Reading: Servo and Crow do some drag racing! [Saint Joel is in top form here, playing a grocery shopper, old man, AND a pizza delivery boy!]

Fourth Reading: Saint Joel's spit-take lesson, The "I need your locker key, Buddy! Gym policy." idiot from the movie keeps barging in on the Hexfield. Servo shows off his model Pegasus, which is a cow.

Closing Prayer "Want some?" (slap, bam, thump) "I want an answer!". The button keeps malfunctioning down at Deep 13.

Recessional: "Couldn't help ya if I wanted to, fella. Gym policy."

Consider This: What IS the deal with Dick Contino's pants? I mean, really? WHAT?


Blogger Steve Barton said...

Well, this is a lovely space you have here. Found you when I typed MST3k and "Want some?" into Google. Came to mind at dinner last night when my wife said the phrase to one of the kids -- I giglled, but slapping anything out of anybody's hands was out of the question. Good luck, all the best, wish I had time to watch old tapes I have and collect others.

I like your format/content. Good luck/Gymkata!

-- Steve Barton, MST3K Fan Club Member #6080

February 9, 2005 at 9:31 AM  

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