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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Today's Reading: #204 - Catalina Caper

Premiere Oration: The Thirteenth of October, Nineteenhundredninetynine

Opening Prayer: The bots say their prayers, thanking "BOB" for all the robots, even blessing Twiki after much prodding from Saint Joel.

First Reading:
Invention exchange:
Mads: "Tank Tops", TV's Frank makes his "eeen-nyuk-a-noo!" sound.
Saint Joel: The tickle bazooka. Crow laughs like Popeye.

Second Reading: Saint Joel remembers the '60s, though not as nostalgically as most:
Saint Joel: "It was not at all uncommon for your mom to make you a giant char-grilled steak while she smoked and drank a TAB, and that was just breakfast!"

Third Reading:
Hymn: "Creepy Girl", easily one of the, if not the, best hymn ever presented on the show.
Servo: "Oh,
C is for that feeling of uncertainty from not quite knowing what ethnic group you're from.
R is for the gifts you give me every time you smile, the 1st
E is for...well I don't really know, by the 2nd
E is really a grammatical thing cuz other wise it'd be "Crepy Girl", and where would that
leave us? The
P is DEFINITELY not for Platonic! And
Y? Because I LOVE YOU!"

Fourth Reading: TV's Frank has a plastic containers-not-unlike-Tupperware function. Forrester gouges his eve out with a melon baller.

Closing prayer: Saint Joel creates an artist's rendering of the film's plot. Two MSTies send a wedding invitation. Forrester eats TV's Frank's eye.

Consider this:
This was the 1st scripture that Comedy Central lost the rights to, making it quite a collector's item before its triumphant re-release through Rhino video. "BOB" bless Rhino! Saint Joel and the Bots genuinely enjoy the Little Richard song number, with Servo going so far as to say "Prince, I hope you're watching this!".


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