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Friday, January 07, 2005

Today's Reading: #111 - Moon Zero Two

Premiere Oration: Sometime in January of Nineteenninety

Opening Prayer: Saint Joel tells us how the show works.

First Reading:
Saint Joel's Invention: Teleporting food (Saint Joel has a hard time hiding the finger that makes the milk go down, furthur proving that even saints aren't perfect.)
Mad's Invention: Celebrity mouth to mouth toothpaste (Check out Erhardt's catch phrase for the Linda Blair model: "YOUR MOTHER FLOSSES IN HELL!)

Second Reading: Saint Joel and the bots hold their dramatic recreation of the 1st moon landing. (Check out Saint Joel's JFK impression, involving a bad Cape Cod accent and holding a picture of Marilyn Monroe.)

Third Reading: Saint Joel & the Bots discuss games in space.
Crow: "Ka-Boom" would become "Don't Smoke in the Ship Cuz it's an Oxygen-Rich Atmosphere and You Could Cause an Explosion".

Fourth Reading: Crow and Tom have fallen for diffrent women in the movie, and begin to fight for their women's honor. Saint Joel decides to make it interesting, and they all fight in "zero gravity." (Which really just makes everything move in slow motion, just like the movie!)

End: The Good Thing About the Movie/Bad Thing About the Movie for a RAM Chip segment. (Gypsy gets one for saying "Richard Basehart".) Letter writer calles Servo "Sirbol".
Saint Joel: "It's an honest mistake."
Forrester compares Erhardt to Big Boy of "Bob's Big Boy" fame.

Consider this:
Did we REALLY need that James Olson shower scene? Honestly, if there is ANYONE out there who finds this guy even mildly attractive, I'd like to know! Saint Joel was EXTREMELY mellow this episode, and I'm still not 110% convinced it's cuz he was "nervous".


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