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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Today's Reading: #110 - Robot Holocaust [with the epistle "Commando Cody and the Radar Men From the Moon: Chapter Nine (partial)]

Premiere Oration: Sometime in January of Nineteenninety.

Opening Prayer: Saint Joel sings the Human Blues.

First Reading:
Invention exchange:
Saint Joel:Nitro burning funny pipe. [sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!]
The Mads: Stocking mask with articulated eyebrows.

Second Reading: Crow and Tom, in the "We Zone," make Saint Joel do tricks.
Servo: Do Goofus Face for us!
Crow: Yeah! Crazy Duck Face!....AAAAGH! NOT THE EYELIDS!
(Check out Saint Joel's awesome handstand, too!)

Third Reading: Crow & Servo put on a sitcom, but Cambot's laugh track simulator malfunctions.
Servo: I've got a date with the McGuffy triplets!
Crow: Well, you better bring a calculator!
Servo: Or an abacus!
Crow: An abacus?
Servo: One of them is Chinese!

Fourth Reading: Saint Joel &The Bots play Robot Holocaust. Saint Joel & Crow quit halfway through after finding out the costumes Servo made for them are real fur.

Closing Prayer: Saint Joel announces the "Name the Plant Guy in the Movie Contest". Some suggested names: A Man from P.R.O.D.U.C.E., Guacamole Wilson, and Carl.

Consider This:
It amazes me how often it's overlooked that this is actually the most recent scripture Saint Joel and the Bots ever did, in terms of movie production to scripture reading. Made in late 1987, Saint Joel and the Bots took a crack at it in Early 1990, just over 2 years later! However, the most "recent" movie the show ever did was "Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders" from 1996, yet that scripture did not air until mid-2000, and that movie itself contained a bit of unfinished movie from the early '80s! So there you go, THIS was the most recent movie Saint Joel and the Bots ever did! Deal with it, pink boy!


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