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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Today's Reading: #1001 - Soultaker

Premiere Oration: The Eleventh of April, Nineteenhundredninetynine

Opening Prayer: The bots hold a wet t-shirt contest: while Crow's Beefy-T soaked up more water, Servo's BVD Crew-Neck absorbed faster with less drippage.

First Reading: Things keep malfunctioning on the SOL, Pearl and company don't care.

Second Reading: Gypsy is malfunctioning, so Mike takes command, but messes everything up as usual.

Third Reading: The SOL plunges toward the earth, but are saved by a beam from a mysterious ship. Meanwhile, a soultaker has appeared at Castle Forrester--and it's TV'S FRANK!
Pearl: Frank! I thought you were dead.
TV's Frank: I am dead. I was in 2nd Banana Heaven for a while, but it's SO political up there! Pat Buttram had it in for me from the start!

Fourth Reading: SAINT JOEL IS BACK!!!!! Saint Joel manages the Hot Fish Shop in Osseo now, making Mike instantly jealous.

Closing Prayer: Saint Joel finishes repairs on the SOL, says Hello to Frank, and leaves Mike and the Bots feeling good about being stuck in space. In Castle Forrester, Frank takes Bobo's soul, and they play ring toss with it.

Recessional: Joe Estevez disguised as Mom ogles her daughter. That's just wrong!

Consider This: This scripture marks the triumphant return of Saint Joel to the SOL, if even for just a couple of host segments. Enjoy it while you can!


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